Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kind Sir has an Ouchie!!

On July 2 I had to drive Kind Sir here. They had to do major surgery on an old football injury. Actually, that is not true. Bill never played football. Actually, they had to do major surgery on an old baseball injury. Actually, that is partially true. Since he has thrown so many pitches over the years to Number One Son and his teammates seems like Bill had a little somethin' goin on with his elbow.

But now I'll share the number one reason Kind Sir had to have surgery on his elbow.
On Father's Day the whole family took a trip to the Beach Waterpark. We had a wonderful day to enjoy sun, water and relaxation. And while I was busy relaxing my bottom in one of those relaxing tubular rides, Kind Sir and the older two yahoos went to show off their athletic talents at the gymnastics rings which were suspended over the swimming pool.

The rings were not kind to Bill. Bill, who does twenty chin ups a day and is in better shape than any 51 year old man that I know, was taken out by the rings at the waterpark. And, now, he is sporting stitches, half cast and bandage. And, sadly, will not be able to do his beloved chin ups for a long, long time.

Please pray for Bill. Rehab is going to take a while on this one and yesterday I caught him with a sad, sad look on his face while glancing over at the chin up bar - he hates to miss his workouts.

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