Monday, September 7, 2009

This and That

It is Labor Day. All the kiddos are home. All the cupboards are becoming bare. Tomorrow the older two will go back to college and I will be going back to the grocery. It is a pattern. A pattern that I will gladly fall into because I enjoy having them around - even though they eat us out of house and home. Where did that phrase come from anyway? Probably from the mother of college kids.
A very low key day here. I made spaghetti sauce and Bill made salsa. We have an overabundance of garden produce. Go figure. So we are coming up with every imaginable way to use tomatoes and peppers. Bill has become quite the salsa maker. Actually, Bill is a very good cook and could easily take that job away from me if he wanted to. But it is one thing that I do rather well and I like leaving him the jobs that he is especially good at. Like the one below.
Gotta love a man that would take on this responsibility. Bill, I appreciate all the little and BIG jobs that you do so that I don't have to. Thanks, Buddy!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Washington, D.C. in 8 hours!!

Since we were only visiting Bethany for a day and a half, we knew we would only have about 8 hours to visit the sights in D.C. So, you ask, how do you see all of D.C. in 8 hours. Well, you don't, so we planned accordingly. We wanted to visit the memorials at night so we went to those from 7-10p.m. on Wed. night. Glad we did! The memorials at night were stunning. Below the WW II memorial with the Washington monument behind. Anna's favorite was the Lincoln Memorial.
I think the most intriguing memorial for me was the one for the Korean War. You just get a very eerie feeling while standing and observing. We visited others, too, but these will be the pictures that I share.

On Thursday morning we rode the metro again ( love the metro) into D.C. with the plan of doing as many of the national museums as we could. Before we left home I had visited the Smithsonian website and downloaded a copy of the treasure hunt for the movie, Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian. With this we were able to get a glimpse of three museums within our time frame. We saw many exhibits including Oscar the Grouch, Amelia Earhart's plane , Able the space monkey, General Custer's buckskin jacket, Easter Island Head, Giant Squid and T Rex. Below, a picture of Pharaoh Kahmunrah's pile of treasure found at the Smithsonian.

A wonderful trip for us, even though it was very quick. We are hoping Bethany gets sent back to the area for a longer commitment. We are now pros at riding the metro and look forward to seeing everything in D.C. in the future.