Monday, July 27, 2009

Raising a Boy!

See this young man? Every time he comes into a room I just want to hug him!! Makes me proud to be his mama!!
God has taught me a lot about myself while raising this boy. Number 1: I am better equipped at raising a boy than I am at raising a girl!
Let me explain. I love my girls. I feel I am a great mom to my girls. But in certain ways I have failed them. You see - I am a Tomboy!! Yes, I admit it. I have no fondness for girly-girl stuff. Actually, I think I am impaired in some way. I can't even force myself toward these traits. Fortunately, my oldest daughter has inherited some girlishness from her grandmothers/aunts and can pass it along to her younger sister!
Bringing up my boy, however, has been easy. And refreshing!! Simple is always better. Some examples: my boy does not need a whole lot of clothing options. Tshirts and jeans are fine no matter what the occasion. And I never heard him complain about wearing the same clothes on Wednesday that he wore on Monday!! He didn't care if someone else noticed this, too! Girls, however, seem to have a problem with this.
Another example: soap! My boy is fine with bar soap or even shower soap that is the all in one variety. Hair and body wash combined - so simple. Girls on the other hand have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a different lotion for everyday and a variety of applicators for each item. This just is overwhelming at times!!
My last example for today is - my boy never needed highlights, a $40 haircut, straightening or curling of the hair to feel attractive or creative. The good old hair clippers have been fine for all of his needs. At the beginning of the summer - he sported a mohawk. Easy, just shave the sides leave hair on top. After that he decided to be bald - easy- just shave the whole head. Now he is stylin it up on the chin! Easy - just shave off what you don't want - keep what you do! So simple and I love the results!
I'll wrap this post up by saying, "Thank You, my son." Thank you for keeping life simple and encouraging me in my strengths!!
And "thank you" for never buying me lotions or fancy soaps or jewelry for my birthdays. I have always loved each and every Starbucks gift card that you have ever given me. So simple. Melts my heart!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gymnastics Overnighter

Anna is now a level 10 gymnast!! In JO gymnastics that is as high as you can go.Since she is in 7th grade we have 6 years at level 10 to look forward to! One of the new bonuses in being a level 10 gymnast at CGA is being a leader at the Annual Team Overnighter!! Last Saturday was the very first ever in CGA history! Every team gymnast from Training Team, Recreational Teams, and USAG teams was invited to come. I believe about 100 were in attendance. Nine level 10s were in charge of the show and they did an awesome job! I think we have 2 seniors, 3 juniors, 1 sophomore, 2 freshmen and Anna on the team. They all show great leadership abilities and it was obvious at this event. Below is Anna leading the "tramp war" games.
I think Anna enjoyed the feeling of power that leadership brings!! The only down side of the evening was lack of sleep! She says she is looking forward to next year's sleepover. I'll remind her to take a nap before the festivities begin!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Road Trip to Oxford:Part 3 - Bagels!

So this will be the last post regarding our Oxford trip and this might be the most enlightening post yet. If you get a chance to visit Miami University or even if you think you'll never visit there, ever, you have to get yourself to the Bagel and Deli Shop sometime during your life here on earth!! The Bagel Shop (as I lovingly refer to it) is located uptown and serves the most awesome, mouth watering bagel sandwiches in the world!! Well, at least in my world.
Now I am sure that many of you are skeptical thinking that you have had good toasted bagel sandwiches at other establishments. But these are not toasted, my friend. They are steamed and believe me after eating one of these beautiful steamed creations you will be thinking about them for the rest of your life. The Bagel Shop has an enormous menu of sandwich concoctions. I seem to always order my own combination - onion bagel with turkey, swiss cheese, banana peppers, onions, tomatoes, and honey mustard! Makes my mouth water! Also, the Miami Bagel - blueberry bagel with cream cheese and cinnamon sugar- is one that everyone needs to try. Because it is a Miami tradition.
Since there is not much seating at the Bagel Shop you probably will want to get your bagels to go. My suggestion is to take them to the little park in the square. Enjoy them. Then let the kiddos burn off some calories while running through the fountains.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Road Trip to Oxford:Part Two - Treasure!

Treasure! We collected and observed a lot of great stuff on our creek walk. Below are a number of the fossils that we collected: brachiopods, bryozoa and horn coral. I was the expert finder of horn coral!! Too bad I can't make money off of these! Anna and Bill were the experts at finding the live animals. Leave it to me to find "the dead and fossilized ones". Here is a little newt in Anna's hand.
This one is a little crayfish. Bill has the talent of picking up just the right rocks with these little guys underneath. Anna held one but this is a pic of a bigger one in the water. Anna wouldn't hold the big ones.

Finally, our toad friend. Actually, we had many toad friends for the day. Anna named each one. I think this is Hoppy. Maybe its not Hoppy. They all looked quite a bit alike. We also saw many snakes and one deer. I'd say we loaded up on treasure during this adventure!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Road Trip to Oxford, Ohio: Part One

On Wednesday we decided to take a little jaunt up to Oxford, Ohio. We go up about 3-4 times a year to visit my old stomping grounds, Miami U. Go Redhawks!!! But for this trip we had a different adventure in store for us. Creeking at Pfeffer Park! Before I go any further, check out the muscles on this girl. Mercy!We had a lot of fun exploring. Some parts were deep enough for Anna to throw in her tube and relax. She was able to relax after we forced her to tolerate the four inch fish which swam within. Mercy.
She had a great time once she conquered her fear of what awaited her in the deep, deep water(about three and half feet!!!).

Most of our time at the park was spent looking for wildlife, fossils and enjoying the great outdoors. Next post - part two with all of our treasures.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kind Sir has an Ouchie!!

On July 2 I had to drive Kind Sir here. They had to do major surgery on an old football injury. Actually, that is not true. Bill never played football. Actually, they had to do major surgery on an old baseball injury. Actually, that is partially true. Since he has thrown so many pitches over the years to Number One Son and his teammates seems like Bill had a little somethin' goin on with his elbow.

But now I'll share the number one reason Kind Sir had to have surgery on his elbow.
On Father's Day the whole family took a trip to the Beach Waterpark. We had a wonderful day to enjoy sun, water and relaxation. And while I was busy relaxing my bottom in one of those relaxing tubular rides, Kind Sir and the older two yahoos went to show off their athletic talents at the gymnastics rings which were suspended over the swimming pool.

The rings were not kind to Bill. Bill, who does twenty chin ups a day and is in better shape than any 51 year old man that I know, was taken out by the rings at the waterpark. And, now, he is sporting stitches, half cast and bandage. And, sadly, will not be able to do his beloved chin ups for a long, long time.

Please pray for Bill. Rehab is going to take a while on this one and yesterday I caught him with a sad, sad look on his face while glancing over at the chin up bar - he hates to miss his workouts.