Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Day in the Life of our Border Collie

"Hey, Lady. Let me tell you how this works. You throw the ball, I fetch the ball. You throw the ball, I fetch the ball. You throw the ball, I fetch the ball."

"Kind sir could you please help this workaholic dog by giving that little ball a toss?"

"Excuse me. Excuse me. You need to throw this thing."

"Nice flip flops. Throw the ball."

Monday, May 18, 2009

Garden Wisdom

Here is the Garden Wisdom for the day..................START ONE!!
Don't these asparagus spears look tasty? We have been harvesting these babies for two months and let me tell you - they are yummy!! Boil for one minute, drain, submerge in ice cold water, dry, dip in ranch dressing, and enjoy!! Makes me cry just thinking about it!
Asparagus not your thing? Try this easy crop - lettuce. You don't even need a piece of land. Just plop those tiny seeds into a patio planter and enjoy!!! While your planting the lettuce you might as well put in a pepper or tomato plant. When everything ripens you'll have salad right outside your door!! Miraculous.
Don't forget the kiddos. What kid doesn't want to play in the dirt? Anna has gone garden crazy. The pic below shows her putting in one of ten pepper plants. She was wondering if gardening seemed a bit "nerdy". I told her who cares when asparagus is $1.29 lb. and we are getting it for FREE! Garden nerds RULE!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Cincinnati Reds

I grew up a Reds fan. Actually, I grew up a big major league baseball fan because my brother, Mike, was a fan. And I adored Mike. Still do. I have fond memories of him quizzing me on batting averages and on- base percentages. Baseball knowledge was fun. Because Mike was fun!
Over the past 18 years, sadly, I have fallen off the major league band wagon. Maybe because I have been too busy with my own baseball playing son or maybe because my home team, the Reds, didn't provide the "fun" I needed to follow the game.
Well, I am back on the band wagon!!!!
On Mother's Day Bill took our family to the Reds game. (thank you kind sir for forking out a fortune for this!!). We had a great time, unfortunately, my Reds did not win. The game went into extra innings and lots of runs were scored. That in itself makes baseball fun in my opinion.

The weather was gorgeous!! We did get a bit hot and sweaty since our seats were in the sun. The sun was really hot. That hot, hot sun made Christain a bit irritable!!
But nothing cures hot, sweaty irritability at the ballpark like lemonade freezes!! (Thank you kind sir for forking out five dollars a pop for those delicious things! And for the hot dogs. And for the beverages and snacks purchased at the Quick Mart before the game. You are the man!). I am not at all sad that you didn't purchase me the the biggie foam number #1 finger that I was longing for at the beginning of the game. You gave me so much.
Oh....back to the Reds. They hustle, they swing the bat, they battle. That is what the fans want to see! That is what I want to see!! My favorite game moment - Rosales hitting a home run and rounding the bases in 16 seconds!! That's entertainment!! I think the Red Machine is Back!!

Prom Night

Thought I would share a couple of pics of Christian and Nicky all dressed up for prom. Don't they look awesome?