Friday, July 10, 2009

Road Trip to Oxford:Part Two - Treasure!

Treasure! We collected and observed a lot of great stuff on our creek walk. Below are a number of the fossils that we collected: brachiopods, bryozoa and horn coral. I was the expert finder of horn coral!! Too bad I can't make money off of these! Anna and Bill were the experts at finding the live animals. Leave it to me to find "the dead and fossilized ones". Here is a little newt in Anna's hand.
This one is a little crayfish. Bill has the talent of picking up just the right rocks with these little guys underneath. Anna held one but this is a pic of a bigger one in the water. Anna wouldn't hold the big ones.

Finally, our toad friend. Actually, we had many toad friends for the day. Anna named each one. I think this is Hoppy. Maybe its not Hoppy. They all looked quite a bit alike. We also saw many snakes and one deer. I'd say we loaded up on treasure during this adventure!!

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  1. I like the fossils. I don't blame Anna for not holding the big crawfish. Thanks for not taking pictures of the snakes. Love, Lily