Sunday, May 9, 2010

28 Levels of Compatibility

Yesterday I was feeling tired and lazy so I took a little time in the afternoon to veg. Vegging to me means curling up on my bed and watching college softball for the afternoon. After years and years of playing softball I find it soothing just to sit around and take in a few innings every now and again. Odd, I know but at least I was never a smoker!!

While I was enjoying the game on Fox Sports a crazy little commercial came on the tube - one for an online computer dating service. The ONLY one that uses the 28 levels of compatibility to match someone with that perfect person. I had to think about that for a few minutes. Then I called Kind Sir Bill in to ask him. "Hey, are we compatible on 28 levels? Did we try to figure that out before we got married?"

Bill then looked at me like I was a crazy woman and asked me what level we missed on.
Yes, he thought, that was an important error in judgment on his part!! But, alas, he loves me!

Funny. When I first saw Bill, singing in front of a bunch of people, holding that guitar.....the thought of being compatible on 28 levels never entered my mind. The thought that "this guy is hot" however did!!! Then after dating this hot guy for a few months I just knew this was who God wanted me to be with.
We didn't have any deep discussions about compatibility. No questioning whether he would still love me even if I didn't organize my closets, keep good check book records, love listening to music at all times, take off my shoes in the house, etc.

We may not be compatible on 28 levels but we are in love and we are committed. That is what has mattered for 24 years.

And do you know what? Bill doesn't roll his eyes at me when I get lazy and veg in front of a women's softball game. He cuddles up next to me. And I switch the station over to baseball cause that's the sport my "hottie" likes the best.