Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Military Ball

Here are some pictures from Bethany's ROTC Military Ball held last Friday. The evening consisted of an awards ceremony, dinner complete with formal military toasts, and dancing. I love military toasts. Military toasting always ends with a toast to the "ladies". How it should be.
Below a picture of Zack and Bethany. Unfortunately, we didn't get a good picture of the awards ceremony. Bethany received The Daughters of the American Colonist Award for academic performance and upholding ROTC standards. Very Nice, Beth.
Dancing followed the dinner. All the ROTC girls changed into party dresses. The guys just threw off their jackets!!! Anna was Bethany's date. They look cute in their little black dresses. Check me out!
Both started out on the dance floor with heels!! That didn't last long!!

Bill and I with our Cadet!! Oh, Bill danced too. Just not long enough for anyone to get a picture!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How We Do What We Do

I've already posted about why we home school, so I guess I'll take some time and explain how we home school.

First, I don't believe there is any one right way to school at home. Every family is different and each has to determine what fit is best for them. Since we began this with Bethany many years ago, we have changed some things around a bit as the family dynamics have changed, but overall I think I have kept the same schooling style.

I am one of those moms who likes to follow a scope and sequence. I like to know what school kids are covering in a certain grade and I like to do the same. I guess in that respect I am not very daring!!! I like to be accountable in some sort of way!!!

Now, when it comes down to how I cover material and how long I spend on certain material, I like to mix things up a bit!! Cause that is how I roll!!!

For some subjects we may use a standard curriculum (math usually works this way) and for others I may plan learning activities that are way more exciting than text and workbooks. I'm sorry but workbooks can be down right boring!! They can serve a purpose, but for me, most of the time, they just scream "busy work".

As an example, we are currently studying insects and butterflies. We are using a zoology text but branch out with information from various websites and so forth. We will also visit two butterfly shows ( one this spring, one summer); plant a butterfly garden and collect insects and butterflies for a display (actually Bill and Anna do the collecting and the displaying).

This study will last a few months. Other topics we cover may last only one week or even a day. If Anna knows enough about a topic and becomes bored, we go on to something else.

Do we school every day during a typical school year? No. We cover some things before traditional school starts in August and some things after traditional schools end in June. I guess you could say we school all year. We most often take time off around her meets that are scheduled and try to do field trips or cover things that relate to the areas that we are traveling to.

The one subject Anna covers everyday is Bible. So, if we are field tripping it or gone all day for some other reason, Anna knows to get this done. Cause, I tell you, that book has the most important lessons she needs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Crazy Christian!!

This picture was taken last spring but it gives you a good idea of what we are up against in this household. Just a little gesture of licking the marshmallow sends his sisters into a giggle frenzy.He comes up with the craziest stuff sometimes. Not flamboyant. Just subtle stupid humor that gets to us (in a good way). We realized about 3 years ago that his talent was just too big for just our immediate family. So, we sent him to school!! At school he has a much bigger audience. This in itself thrills him to no end! Fortunately, we have not had any notes from the head master concerning his antics. Oh, maybe one, when he wore the child size 6 shorts to gym class!! I just wish someone had taken pictures.

Last year one of his coaches referred to him as a "free spirit" and at first I was a little offended. Now, after thinking about it for a year, I would have to agree and it is something we have known for a very long time. Bill has always told the kids to "Be Their Own Bear" and we are certainly proud of how this cub turned out.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ransom Note

We have your friend, Peter. We will peacefully release him under the following conditions:
The following items will be left in the purple basket by the fireplace: Lindor Dark Truffles, Reece peanut butter eggs, Cadbury Orange Creme Eggs, Starbuck Gift Cards, and Multi Color Milkbones.
Refusing to comply or leaving cheap substitutes such as Peeps, Necco wafers, jelly beans, or Palmer chocolates will result in the gradual destuffing of your friend.