Monday, July 27, 2009

Raising a Boy!

See this young man? Every time he comes into a room I just want to hug him!! Makes me proud to be his mama!!
God has taught me a lot about myself while raising this boy. Number 1: I am better equipped at raising a boy than I am at raising a girl!
Let me explain. I love my girls. I feel I am a great mom to my girls. But in certain ways I have failed them. You see - I am a Tomboy!! Yes, I admit it. I have no fondness for girly-girl stuff. Actually, I think I am impaired in some way. I can't even force myself toward these traits. Fortunately, my oldest daughter has inherited some girlishness from her grandmothers/aunts and can pass it along to her younger sister!
Bringing up my boy, however, has been easy. And refreshing!! Simple is always better. Some examples: my boy does not need a whole lot of clothing options. Tshirts and jeans are fine no matter what the occasion. And I never heard him complain about wearing the same clothes on Wednesday that he wore on Monday!! He didn't care if someone else noticed this, too! Girls, however, seem to have a problem with this.
Another example: soap! My boy is fine with bar soap or even shower soap that is the all in one variety. Hair and body wash combined - so simple. Girls on the other hand have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a different lotion for everyday and a variety of applicators for each item. This just is overwhelming at times!!
My last example for today is - my boy never needed highlights, a $40 haircut, straightening or curling of the hair to feel attractive or creative. The good old hair clippers have been fine for all of his needs. At the beginning of the summer - he sported a mohawk. Easy, just shave the sides leave hair on top. After that he decided to be bald - easy- just shave the whole head. Now he is stylin it up on the chin! Easy - just shave off what you don't want - keep what you do! So simple and I love the results!
I'll wrap this post up by saying, "Thank You, my son." Thank you for keeping life simple and encouraging me in my strengths!!
And "thank you" for never buying me lotions or fancy soaps or jewelry for my birthdays. I have always loved each and every Starbucks gift card that you have ever given me. So simple. Melts my heart!!

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