Monday, June 29, 2009

What goes around comes around

Thought I'd share this pic of the kiddos. It was Anna's birthday and we were headed out for lunch so I snapped the three amigos together sporting their HUGE sunglasses. They think they are so cool keeping with the popular trend, but what they don't realize is that I had the VERY SAME sunglasses in the 80s!!!

Why, oh why, did I not hang on to those things?? Can you imagine how popular I'd be among the teen crowd with a drawer full of these nostalgic wonders? I shared that thought with one of the kiddos and do you know what she told me?

"Mom, Grandma has a whole basket full of these sunglasses."

So, I guess I lose out to my mother, again. My only question is this. If the Grams owns so many of these sunglasses, WHY are the kids buying brand new ones?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outdoor Toys

So after my last post on child's play I thought I'd write about "the best outdoor toys" in the history of our family. By far, at least in Anna's mind, is the Zip Line!! We are a fortunate bunch to live on about 3 acres and have ginormous trees and have a child that is able to climb big ladders! But I think other families could take advantage of a zip line even without some of these things. Our neighbors with much younger children have a zip line that is closer to the ground to accommodate feet touching. This picture of ours is a bit deceiving, Anna's feet don't really come that close to the ground. The exercise benefit of this is great, too. Cause after you zip down, you have to pull the handles back up to the top!
Our most recent outdoor toy purchase is called a Twizzler. It is a handle bar that is attached to a rope. It also is hung from a tree but I'm thinking it could be hung from anything just so it hangs five or more feet off the ground. Sorry I have no picture yet but it is really a pretty simple toy that packs a big punch. If you hate amusement rides like The Tea Cups at Disney then this toy is not for you.
Really, this toy is not so much for me! Two spins and I feel like I'm going to throw up! The first time I was on it I had just finished a big salad - not good! But, believe me, kids LOVE it! Anna will spin herself over and over and still come back for more. Added bonus, it will also swing you while you spin. Big plus - it was $25 dollars! Cheaper than the amusement park!
Our other favorites for outdoor play would include: fort/tree house, wiffle ball/baseball, mud, butterfly net, scooters, dirt, water hoses, sidewalk chalk (simple, but versatile), sand, pogo stick, slip and slide (which Christian says is the "best for playing pickle" because it creates a lot of mud) and rocket balloons!
One last toy to mention that Anna received at Easter. It is called a Sky Ball and is about as big as a softball. This baby will bounce about 30 or more feet in the air! Even on its second or third bounce! Not sure about Anna but I am in love with it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Child's Play

Anna asked an interesting question the other day. She asked,"Mom, do you think its weird that I am going to be a teenager and I still like playing with kid stuff? My answer, "Not at all weird."
I tried to explain to her that she needs to take advantage of her young years. Most of her life will be spent as an adult and as an adult she will have more responsibilities and less time for play. If you think about it most adults spend most of their time working on the computer, on the phone, etc. Why would kids want these items to rule their world now?
So, Anna. Go out and play! Play as much as you want.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is how Christian protests the school dress code. Every school polo that he owns is crammed on his body. Yes, he wore them to school on the last day of mandatory uniform. And this is what Christian does with a new box of Q-tips. Actually, they were Bethany's new box of Q-tips........I'm speechless.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fire Starters

Starting fires has always been reserved for the men in our family. Mainly because it brings out the manliness in them. Same as using the chainsaw and heavy equipment. Then they stand around and admire all of their manly work.
Well, on Memorial Day I made it known that we were roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire pit (because that was the only food I had left in the house). Sir Christian was away; Kind Sir Bill was constructing an email: and I was getting impatient to eat. So.....Anna and I decide to start the blaze ourselves.
And let me tell you it was a mighty blaze. The flames shot about 7-8 feet in the air ( I think because we lit pine branches!!). We stood there watching our beautiful creation - admiring our hard work - and then did something no man would ever think of - went in and grabbed the camera!! Cause you know we girls have to scrapbook about this!!
PS. Please don't scold me for allowing my child to play with the flame. She is almost 13 and, well, she is my youngest and I have loosened up quite a bit over the years. Besides, we have found just one more activity to bond over.