Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Preparations

Anna has been busy this week. Seems when a holiday roles around (even a minor one) she is busily crafting or baking or both. Notice her valentine Chinese lantern. We found the lantern at Michael's for $1!!! She cut tissue paper hearts and painted over them with a little glue/water mixture. I thought this simple craft turned out terrific!! Simple enough that even I could do it!!! Possibly.
On Wednesday Bethany came home from college for an evening visit. We won't be seeing her this weekend so Anna made her some muffins to take back to school with her. The recipe was from the Deceptively Delicious cookbook. They were carrot/peanut butter and were mighty tasty!! Unfortunately, the ones I made (cauliflower/peanut butter) were just - smelly!!!
Here are the cookies she made for friends at the gym and Christian. Dark chocolate chip - yum! She also made peanut butter. Her little table decoration is a wooden painted box with button heart holding a construction paper heart flower. This kid is crafty - I tell you.

Finally, a shot of her at work. She got into the valentine spirit by wearing red and pink. Actually, I don't even think she realized her color combination. A hoodie and sweatpants is what she hangs out in most days at home!!!!

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  1. So cute Anna! By the way, the cookie was delicious. Thanks for sharing with me. Don't tell Lily about the cookie though, I ate the whole thing =)