Tuesday, February 10, 2009

School - How We Roll!

A new friend asked me the other day if we were a homeschooling family. I guess she read my post on Christian being out of school a couple of weeks ago and was just wondering if we had quit! So, I'll explain our educational journey for all of those inquiring minds!!!

When Bethany was a little over 4yo Bill and I were all of a sudden put into the position of thinking about school. Beth had never been to preschool but kindergarten was approaching and we needed to, basically, start thinking about sending her somewhere. Instead of posting about the whole investigating process, I will skip ahead in the story and just flat out say that we really felt that God was leading us to try homeschooling.

Just like families have felt God leading them in various life choices - jobs, church, finances, relocation - we just knew God wanted us to at least begin this adventure. Funny thing is I think out of all of our decisions made in response to God's leading - this one - has received the most questions!!

So we began the journey with Bethany at age five. She graduated from homeschooling and is now a junior nursing major at Xavier U.

Christian, Mr. Social Butterfly, was home schooled through the 9th grade. In 10th grade he entered school part time - played football and baseball at CCS. Now he is a full time senior - loves school - loves his friends - and loves his baseball team and is looking forward to this season!!

Finally, Anna Leigh. She is our last home schooler. Still at home. Still happy,curious, comfortable, smart and enjoying homeschooling. Right now she is in 6th grade. We'll see where God leads us for the next six years.

Did I ever question God throughout this whole process. You bet!! Bill and I knew we were following His leading but where were we going to be once that first child graduated? This was a 13 year following. I mean, we saw the many blessings throughout the years, but the thought of one of our children being graduated from homeschooling and being ready and accepted in the college community was at times - worrisome!!

Graduating Bethany was a huge, huge blessing for me personally. I saw, over a 13 year period, how God was faithful to our family for following His leading way back when Bethany was 4.

We are Grateful that we are a homeschooling family.

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