Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Days!!

Over the past week we got about 10 inches of snow! Our almost 3 acres was beautiful especially with the ice covering the trees!

Anna Leigh, Bill and Savvy enjoyed it the most. Bill and Anna Leigh went sledding about 3 times and Anna Leigh and her sidekick, Savvy, enjoyed the park next door.
We let Savvy off of her leash at the park and she ran like a crazy dog!!
Her favorite thing to do was to run up the ramp of the playground equipment and slide down the slide! She would do this over and over again! Here is a pic of her waiting at the bottom to greet Anna Leigh!!

One of my new favorite activities was night hiking over to the park with Bill, Anna Leigh, and Savvy. The snow and ice covered park looked amazing in the moonlight! Great memories!!!


  1. Lily was cracking up! She would love to see Savvy going down the slide. Night hiking sounds like fun!

  2. Great pictures! We should have come over to play in the snow with Anna. Instead, Chris ran sprints down the street with the kids in sleds. He got a work out and they loved it! Beth