Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Crazy Christian!!

This picture was taken last spring but it gives you a good idea of what we are up against in this household. Just a little gesture of licking the marshmallow sends his sisters into a giggle frenzy.He comes up with the craziest stuff sometimes. Not flamboyant. Just subtle stupid humor that gets to us (in a good way). We realized about 3 years ago that his talent was just too big for just our immediate family. So, we sent him to school!! At school he has a much bigger audience. This in itself thrills him to no end! Fortunately, we have not had any notes from the head master concerning his antics. Oh, maybe one, when he wore the child size 6 shorts to gym class!! I just wish someone had taken pictures.

Last year one of his coaches referred to him as a "free spirit" and at first I was a little offended. Now, after thinking about it for a year, I would have to agree and it is something we have known for a very long time. Bill has always told the kids to "Be Their Own Bear" and we are certainly proud of how this cub turned out.

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