Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Military Ball

Here are some pictures from Bethany's ROTC Military Ball held last Friday. The evening consisted of an awards ceremony, dinner complete with formal military toasts, and dancing. I love military toasts. Military toasting always ends with a toast to the "ladies". How it should be.
Below a picture of Zack and Bethany. Unfortunately, we didn't get a good picture of the awards ceremony. Bethany received The Daughters of the American Colonist Award for academic performance and upholding ROTC standards. Very Nice, Beth.
Dancing followed the dinner. All the ROTC girls changed into party dresses. The guys just threw off their jackets!!! Anna was Bethany's date. They look cute in their little black dresses. Check me out!
Both started out on the dance floor with heels!! That didn't last long!!

Bill and I with our Cadet!! Oh, Bill danced too. Just not long enough for anyone to get a picture!!!

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