Saturday, September 5, 2009

Washington, D.C. in 8 hours!!

Since we were only visiting Bethany for a day and a half, we knew we would only have about 8 hours to visit the sights in D.C. So, you ask, how do you see all of D.C. in 8 hours. Well, you don't, so we planned accordingly. We wanted to visit the memorials at night so we went to those from 7-10p.m. on Wed. night. Glad we did! The memorials at night were stunning. Below the WW II memorial with the Washington monument behind. Anna's favorite was the Lincoln Memorial.
I think the most intriguing memorial for me was the one for the Korean War. You just get a very eerie feeling while standing and observing. We visited others, too, but these will be the pictures that I share.

On Thursday morning we rode the metro again ( love the metro) into D.C. with the plan of doing as many of the national museums as we could. Before we left home I had visited the Smithsonian website and downloaded a copy of the treasure hunt for the movie, Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian. With this we were able to get a glimpse of three museums within our time frame. We saw many exhibits including Oscar the Grouch, Amelia Earhart's plane , Able the space monkey, General Custer's buckskin jacket, Easter Island Head, Giant Squid and T Rex. Below, a picture of Pharaoh Kahmunrah's pile of treasure found at the Smithsonian.

A wonderful trip for us, even though it was very quick. We are hoping Bethany gets sent back to the area for a longer commitment. We are now pros at riding the metro and look forward to seeing everything in D.C. in the future.

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  1. Loved reading all about your adventures in DC! I heard that the Korean War memorial was kind of creepy. Loved the Cakelove pictures! Yummy!