Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outdoor Toys

So after my last post on child's play I thought I'd write about "the best outdoor toys" in the history of our family. By far, at least in Anna's mind, is the Zip Line!! We are a fortunate bunch to live on about 3 acres and have ginormous trees and have a child that is able to climb big ladders! But I think other families could take advantage of a zip line even without some of these things. Our neighbors with much younger children have a zip line that is closer to the ground to accommodate feet touching. This picture of ours is a bit deceiving, Anna's feet don't really come that close to the ground. The exercise benefit of this is great, too. Cause after you zip down, you have to pull the handles back up to the top!
Our most recent outdoor toy purchase is called a Twizzler. It is a handle bar that is attached to a rope. It also is hung from a tree but I'm thinking it could be hung from anything just so it hangs five or more feet off the ground. Sorry I have no picture yet but it is really a pretty simple toy that packs a big punch. If you hate amusement rides like The Tea Cups at Disney then this toy is not for you.
Really, this toy is not so much for me! Two spins and I feel like I'm going to throw up! The first time I was on it I had just finished a big salad - not good! But, believe me, kids LOVE it! Anna will spin herself over and over and still come back for more. Added bonus, it will also swing you while you spin. Big plus - it was $25 dollars! Cheaper than the amusement park!
Our other favorites for outdoor play would include: fort/tree house, wiffle ball/baseball, mud, butterfly net, scooters, dirt, water hoses, sidewalk chalk (simple, but versatile), sand, pogo stick, slip and slide (which Christian says is the "best for playing pickle" because it creates a lot of mud) and rocket balloons!
One last toy to mention that Anna received at Easter. It is called a Sky Ball and is about as big as a softball. This baby will bounce about 30 or more feet in the air! Even on its second or third bounce! Not sure about Anna but I am in love with it!

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