Saturday, April 24, 2010

Titanic and Digestion!

Those were two topics that Anna studied early this spring and lucky for us COSI (Center of Science and Industry in Columbus) had exhibits involving both of those things!! So, being the good home school mom that I am, I corralled the troop and headed up there. Troop being Bill, Anna and myself.
Before going we learned a lot about the Titanic. Much of our research came from the internet and we came across one site that was really intriguing -!! Did you know that you could go to Branson, Missouri and not only see some crazy live entertainment but you could also have a tea party on board the Titanic. Better yet, you could get married on the Titanic! Does the thought of that creep anyone else out besides me?! Where does a marriage get to after it begins on the Titanic?? Not sure.
Anyway......back to COSI. The exhibit was awesome and we just happened to be there on the actual anniversary of the iceberg hit. Didn't even plan that. Happens a lot when you home school!!
I only wish we had been allowed to take some pictures. So, you will have to take my word. It was a great exhibition.
The Grossology (Impolite Science of the Human Body) Exhibit was good. Not great. But it did keep my two kids amused. Yes, Bill was one of the kids. Below he is experimenting with the fart machine. Notice Anna didn't stick around for a picture with dad.
Other exhibits were fun and included the vomit center, nasal passages, giant operation, and the burping machine.
Below Anna and I are at the Booger machine.

My favorite activity in this exhibit was viewing the colonoscopy and the upper GI. Fascinating!! Least favorite was the odor sampling of foot jam, arm pit and anus. That exhibit stuck with us for awhile but didn't keep us from eating lunch at North Market!!! post.

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