Friday, February 26, 2010

My Kids Have Changed Me!

I have done a lot of growing up over the last 22 years. I look back on my life before kids and realize that I was a kid back then, too, even though I was 25 years old!! All three kids have changed me for the better and much of that change has come from each of their unique personalities.
Anna is the youngest and the youngest by 6 years. She has an incredible sense of adventure and is always ready to "get up and go". I have really made an effort over the past few years to embrace this part of Anna's personality. I admit that, by nature, I am a lazy person. I would, more often than not, choose to curl up by the fire or in front of the computer than to romp around outside in 20 degree weather. Anna has changed me and thank goodness she has. As I get older I am grateful that she invites me to share in her adventures. Keeps my mind and body active!!

Christian is the middle child and as I have mentioned before the "free spirit". Christian is so laid back that I don't even think the word "stress" is in his vocabulary. He lives in the moment and enjoys every moment. He's secure in knowing that God has a plan for his life and he is more than happy to enjoy the ride. Chris has shown me how to let go a little bit more with my life....worry less, embrace more. Thanks, Buddy!

Bethany is the oldest. The boss and protector. The second mom. And I don't use those titles in a bad way. She is loved by her siblings and respected by her mom.
She has taught me to embrace knowledge. I admit that I am the type of person, when needing to find an answer, will take the lazy way out and just ask someone else. Beth loves to find information and absorb it; which is rare with young people these days. I am grateful that over the years she has given me the desire to read more and to write more and to share more. She is a smart girl and I want to be a smart girl, too!
Thanks, Bethany, Christian and Anna. You have taught me well.

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