Monday, May 18, 2009

Garden Wisdom

Here is the Garden Wisdom for the day..................START ONE!!
Don't these asparagus spears look tasty? We have been harvesting these babies for two months and let me tell you - they are yummy!! Boil for one minute, drain, submerge in ice cold water, dry, dip in ranch dressing, and enjoy!! Makes me cry just thinking about it!
Asparagus not your thing? Try this easy crop - lettuce. You don't even need a piece of land. Just plop those tiny seeds into a patio planter and enjoy!!! While your planting the lettuce you might as well put in a pepper or tomato plant. When everything ripens you'll have salad right outside your door!! Miraculous.
Don't forget the kiddos. What kid doesn't want to play in the dirt? Anna has gone garden crazy. The pic below shows her putting in one of ten pepper plants. She was wondering if gardening seemed a bit "nerdy". I told her who cares when asparagus is $1.29 lb. and we are getting it for FREE! Garden nerds RULE!!

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  1. Yummy! We'll be over for lunch tomorrow =) Tell Anna we love her whether she's a garden nerd or not!!